The History of the First Die Stamped Trailer…..


All the paint has been stripped and the exterior sanded to remove all the remaining paint and primer.  You can now visibly see the stamped panels that the trailer is composed of.  This is the first trailer to use the "Pan-L-Frame" body construction.  It is die-stamped aluminum, wall and roof panels completely anodized to prevent corrosion, crowned to prevent buckling due to expansion:riveted together in patented construction to form a ridged structure of metal studding and framing.  The interior wooden framing is just there to support the wooden paneling.  The "Attic Fan" type roof extends the full length of the trailer with permanet ventilation to the outdoors.  This was the dream coach of D.D. Arehart who started the Palace Coach Trailer in 1934. His experience in the automotive and aircraft industries had taught him things that were necessary to the construction of his dream-coach; die-stamped crowned surfaces that could expand and contract uniformly without buckling or warping. His problem was; there was not a stamping plant in the country large enough. So he built one with mammoth presses and soon the Palace designed and produced panels were pouring out in a steady stream from their Kansas City MO stamping plant.  You could build a trailer of any length with the Pan-L-Frame construction method.  It cost over a million dollars for the entirely new production technique to produce the world's first all-die-stamped trailer coach to open a new era in the trailer industry.  Sadly, it never caught on with the trailer industry as the start up costs were too high.

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