General Electric refrigerator


they do not make them like they used too.

We finished restoring the original GE Refrigerator for the Palace Trailer.  Here is a photo of it reinstalled in the trailer.

We also restored the original Coleman Stove to its former glory.


Coleman Stove

Next up is re-upholstering the divan and making new curtains for the windows, This will really finish off the trailer.  

Saving Old Flooring and Countertops

Some things are worth savings………like the original floor and countertops.  It has been a lot of work but worth all the effort to get the floors and countertops clean enough to use again.

Here is a photo of the Floor


Original Armstrong Linoleum flooring

They even used it for countertops.  Check out the before and after pictures of he beautiful Pink and Gray Linoleum. The One on the Left is before it was cleaned and on the right is the finished countertop.  I think this will  be a beautiful trailer  when it is complete.  The original Designers must have been thinking of spring with this trailer because the counters are pinkish, the floor is all the colors of the rainbow and the sinks are a beautiful shade of pale yellow.  Not your usual vintage Trailer combination! 


THIS is why you RE-WIRE your trailer


Mice love Insulation

In the above photo you can see how the mice have stopped all the insulation from the wiring behind this wall.  The Wiring is from the 110v wiring.  There was old Kimsul paper insulation in the walls along with the bare wires.  That is an EXTREME fire hazard, paper and electricity.   

That is why we REMOVE all the paneling and insulation from a trailer.  Removing paneling allows for inspection and replacement of the wiring as well as removing all the mouse and rodent poo and urine soaked insulation.  There is really only one way to get that “Funky” smell out of your vintage  trailer.  A proper cleaning is a MUST.

The History of the First Die Stamped Trailer…..


All the paint has been stripped and the exterior sanded to remove all the remaining paint and primer.  You can now visibly see the stamped panels that the trailer is composed of.  This is the first trailer to use the "Pan-L-Frame" body construction.  It is die-stamped aluminum, wall and roof panels completely anodized to prevent corrosion, crowned to prevent buckling due to expansion:riveted together in patented construction to form a ridged structure of metal studding and framing.  The interior wooden framing is just there to support the wooden paneling.  The "Attic Fan" type roof extends the full length of the trailer with permanet ventilation to the outdoors.  This was the dream coach of D.D. Arehart who started the Palace Coach Trailer in 1934. His experience in the automotive and aircraft industries had taught him things that were necessary to the construction of his dream-coach; die-stamped crowned surfaces that could expand and contract uniformly without buckling or warping. His problem was; there was not a stamping plant in the country large enough. So he built one with mammoth presses and soon the Palace designed and produced panels were pouring out in a steady stream from their Kansas City MO stamping plant.  You could build a trailer of any length with the Pan-L-Frame construction method.  It cost over a million dollars for the entirely new production technique to produce the world's first all-die-stamped trailer coach to open a new era in the trailer industry.  Sadly, it never caught on with the trailer industry as the start up costs were too high.


The Palace Royale has a painted Masonite ceiling.  I was able to save all the  12' long panels in one piece.  They will be repainted and reinstalled at a later date.  This is the back side of the masonite.  They are in great shape for being installed 64 years ago.

Sanding the body has started…….stay tuned for more photos.


And so it Begins………another Trailer Project…The Palace Royale

After spending the summer at several Trailer events with our Spartanette, We have started another trailer restoration project.  This time it is a Palace Royale Made in Flint Michigan.

  This old gal needs a LOT of work.  Paint removal was the first on the agenda and now it is on to body work and prepping for the new paint. We have the original brochure that says it was painted Aircuda (marine/admiral)Blue and Dove Grey. We were given the original paint chips for the for theses at a trailer rally so it will be painted back to its original color scheme.


Spartanette Pictures from the "Really BIG show"…….

Well the 2013 Sprilg Rally is nothing but a memory but we now have some great pictures of the trailer.  We met a very nice  Steve M. Kunder at the show.  He was sporting a very high tech camera and We asked his if he would mind taking some pictures of the trailer.  With his amazing photography skills, He took the below photo's at the show.  Enjoy !

Image 11

1948 Spartanette interior

Image 2

Our 1948 Spartanette

Image 7


Image 8


Image 5

I have since completed the cushion for the bench that matches the curtains.

Image 6

Bathroom added,  in the typical Spartan Green.

Finished for now………….

well the  trailer is looking pretty good if I do say so myself!  You can see more photo's below.  All for know…..Enjoy.


Spartanette Bedroom




A great pair of 1948 Spartan Trailers 

It is all in the Details……Painting and such


spartanette kitchen

Ready to cook dinner in the newly cleaned and restored kitchen.  As you can see,  we put in a  2 burner stove with a hidden microwave/convection oven in the cupboard below.  The original double sinks were not able to be saved so we installed one large sink in its place.  It had to be cut and re-configured and then riveted in place.  We then repainted the backsplash with auto paint and clear coated it to make it easy to clean.


Spartanette Exterior

Here is a picture of the  Trailer out in the open taken earlier today.  You can see the "nose cone" on the front covering the jackstand, battery and propane tank.  We got this idea from Phyl Noyes new book "Trailerama" on page 163.  The trailer shown has a similar nose piece with the black gromets for the wrinch handle to go into.  The Trailerama book is just a feast for any trailerite, hours of drooling.  Thanks to Phil for all the work that went into making this awesome book.

And again the Paint job was done by Ron Finch (pictured below), painter/artist /Mortorcycle fabricator extrordinair. He is one of the Most talented people we know.  This does not show the depth of his skills because it had to look like it belonged on a 1948 Spartan trailer.

Outsider - Standing

Ron Finch

 The inspiration for the paint job was from a fabulous artist Mr. Robert W. La Duke.  I just love his style and his paintings and the picture below was the inspiration for our Spartanette. We had never thought of painting a spartan trailer until we saw La Duke's  art.  I will have to see if he has a print of the "Portal" piece to hang in the trailer.  It will have to be a smaller scale to fit in the trailer.



it is starting to GLOW

Who would think it takes that much sawdust to restore a vintage trailer


sawdust pile

With all the new additions to the trailer this week , I think it is the warm glow I like the best.

The kitchen trim has been installed as well as some of the trim at the ceiling and on the walls and the refrigerator door.

This is my favorite new picture.  It still needs to have trim installed and a myriad of other things but the glow………….looks like heaven to me.


spartan love

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